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Monday, November 03, 2008

mmmmmmm. Pie

It was a crazy weekend, political ads, hacking cough, wife in Africa, preaching to Lutherans, driving to Arlington for horrid "mongolian" food at a strip mall.
But there were two highlights: pumpkin pie at Vashon's Back Bay Inn for Halloween, and mom's homemade pecan pie yesterday afternoon.



Blogger iamkatia said...

both of your highlights related to pie! haha. must be a 'comfort food' for you.

hey, just wanted to thank you again for helping out with inde the other day. he's been over to my house 4 days in a row - soaking in the tub with me re-dressing his wounds each day. he's healing well and fast. he's quite the pyro but states emphatically that he's learned a BIG LESSON from all this. let's hope it sticks.

thanks again, friend. you must let me take you out for a slice of pie soon. ;)



7:50 AM  

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