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Thursday, February 08, 2007

That Crafty Pastor Dave

We did a little detour around the Dome Tavern tonight.

The Dome has NOT been a regular stop for this Nightwatch minister. Too tough? No, it was always closed too early in the evening.

But the rumor is that the Dome is closed for the next six months. If you know something about it, would you email me?

“We got that woman to go inside,” Pastor Dave gloated. That woman. Weird, but I knew exactly which woman he was referring to.

What? We had people beg her to go inside during the snow and cold every night, and every night she turned us down," I told him.

Her campsite was the sidewalk, right near the Dome Tavern. A huge pile of blankets covered her entirely.

“Yes, I know, but I got her to go inside.”

How did you do it?”

“I bribed her with a bus ticket, so in the morning she could get back downtown from the shelter.”

Dang. That crafty Pastor Dave. "Good one."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liquor Board suspends license of Dome Stadium Tavern

11:13 AM  

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