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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It can happen to anyone

So, my buddy moved back to Seattle.

He arrived from the midwest via Greyhound, 48 hours on the bus.

He sent money for a room with a friend. Got here, and the friend was in jail. Went by his dad's place. Dad was MLNF (moved, left no forwarding). Called me for a cup of coffee. Decided to take the return bus.

Finally he decided he'd stay with wifey and me for a few weeks. It works out great for us, the old housemate was dragging his feet getting the last of his stuff out, so we rattled his cage a bit (poor kid came at 11:00 last night after work to leave his key).

Anyway, stuff happens. Never know who was homeless once.

former occupant of public housing:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny! Richard Nixon did so much to put people out on the street, and he lived in public housing himself. Keep up the good work.

8:03 PM  

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