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Friday, March 02, 2007

Homeless in San Francisco

I'm on vacation, but I can't get away from it.

On the way south to visit my brother in San Rafael, I met a fabulous person who directed me to a program called Project Homeless Connect. I spent part of Wednesday observing 1,700 volunteers assisting several thousand homeless people with everything: TB screenings, foot care, flu shots, book exchange, free lunch with entertainment, massage, haircuts, ID replacement, info on Vet's benefits, housing, counseling for drug/alcohol. It was exciting and moving; something we definitely need in Seattle.

For more on Project Homeless Connect:

Later that afternoon I met with San Francisco Street Ministry staff and one board member. They have paid chaplains on the street every night until 4 a.m. Nightwatch in Seattle was originally modelled on them, though we have grown much bigger and in different directions.

Back next week. Rick


Anonymous marcia said...

hey rick, i'd like to help out with operation nightwatch. how can i help?

thanks, marcia

you can e-mail me through my xanga page.

12:26 PM  

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