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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nothing New

I love this time of year, it's really cold, people figure out homeless people must be cold too, and so we've been inundated with offers to help, most of which we can't do anything with; one guy said he has a group of 75 people coming this spring. . . what the heck can we do with that?

Sometimes with volunteers, it's about their experience of helping, not what the homeless people really need. We see it all the time -- really lousy sandwiches (you wouldn't eat them, I wouldn't eat them, yet we give them to homeless people because we can). The groups throw something together (they're HOMELESS for gosh sakes, why should they eat good stuff?). I'm talking stale bread, wafer thin meat, big glob of mayonnaise, big glob of mustard, and like maybe two pickles, and fake cheese.


We took socks and hats and Odwalla bars to Tent City 3 tonight. I'm consistently impressed with tent city folks, though there was a fracus while we there, nothing too awful. Someone was pretty juiced got loud. Handled well by those in charge.

White Center is still a lovely place to visit too, by the way. Why would the locals call it "Rat City?" I love the place.

OK, I've been backed up for awhile, look for bloggerhea here soon. R


Blogger katia said...

that sandwich looks pathetic, haa.

that's one thing about the street kids - most of them seem to eat pretty well. they'll spange outside of a place like cheesecake factory and get lots of doggy bags loaded with good, tasty food from the people leaving. they eat better than me most days. that makes me very happy.

now if we can just get them some housing..

2:14 AM  
Anonymous Donna said...

My understanding is that it's called Rat City because it was the local Recruitment and Training Center during WW2.

7:48 AM  
Blogger katia said...

I thought of you yesterday. I was at Freeway pk with the street kids and an older man walked up to about 8 of them and asked if they were hungry. "YES!" was the resounding cry. He handed them 2 brown grocery bags stuffed with food. Frozen meals. I mean frozen solid. Of course, there's no microwave in sight, right? So the kids got to stare at these icy and utterly inedible meals and feel even worse than before he came. It was like a hell-realm - 'yea, there's food but you can't eat it'.

7:05 PM  

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