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Monday, September 29, 2008

Nice weekend for tents!!

It was a fabulous weekend for tenting -- though the main problem for Nickelsville seems to be a) it's far removed from potable water, b) many people think it was closed down on Friday when the arrests happened, and c) food.

On Saturday I rustled up 5 cases of water, and my third pile of blankets to haul over. Then Sunday I came with housemate Mark to bring some hotdogs and buns, mustard & ketchup. It's a pretty crummy meal, but you would have thought I was bringing filet mignon. There were only enough dogs for 1 per camper. I could be mayor of Nickelsville if I had asked for a vote right then.

Which got me thinking. Is this location, as ideal as it is in terms of bus connections and lack of neighborhood resistance really sustainable.
Meanwhile, it's interesting that the Seattle Times took my editorial letter, and with the deletion of a few words, left the impression that Operation Nightwatch only served 200 people all summer, not the 180 - 200 per night that has been the norm. Look here for what they printed. I hope it's a clerical error, no attempt to minimize the problem or the work of our organization.
Saturday King 5 did a piece as well.



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