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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Letter to Seattle Post Intelligencer

"The City of Seattle has already given notice to the residents of Nickelsville that they have 72 hours to move out. Not sure where the city thinks people can go. Operation Nightwatch turned people away at midnight over the weekend because the shelters were full.

"This new encampment is in a beautiful spot. There is a berm that keeps the place fairly hidden from view. There are no commercial or residential properties that will be adversely affected by the presence of people there. The new village will have security, a code of conduct, hygiene in the form of garbage collection and portable toilets. Residents will be able to leave their things during the day (unlike the shelters) and residents would also be able to sleep according to their own schedule, without the pre-dawn wake-up that happens in most shelters.

"It is time for the city to recognize that homeless people are in immediate personal risk and have a basic right to safety. Nickelsville may infuriate the powerful in our city, but people are going to die this winter without it."

We'll see what happens. The underlined sentence is straight out of the 10 Year Plan.


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