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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Homeless and old - a bad combination

Homelessness is an especially dangerous state for an aging person.
According to a 2007 HUD report, people who experience homelessness for long periods of time simply do not reach age 62 as often as the general population. (HUD, The Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, 2007).
Premature death most often results from acute and chronic medical conditions aggravated by homeless life rather than either mental illness or substance abuse (O’Connell, James J. Premature Mortality in Homeless Populations: A Review of the Literature, 2005).

Despite the risk factors, the total number of homeless elderly has grown in the past two decades (Carl Cohen, “The Aging Homeless,” SUNY Health Science Center, Brooklyn, NY). Throughout the nation, there are at least 9 seniors waiting for every occupied unit of affordable housing (Nat’l. Coalition for the Homeless, “Homelessness Among Elderly Persons”). The need for affordable housing for seniors living in poverty will continue.
Meanwhile, even basic overnight shelter for older adults (say, over 50, no offense!) is scarce.


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