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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Christmas story from yesterday

Need a little Christmas cheer? Here's a story from someone out buying gloves as presents for our homeless friends at Operation Nightwatch:

I am at Sears buying gloves (Costco was sold out). A man approaches me asking why I am buying so many gloves. I tell him they are for Nightwatch and he says "Oh good, I will go there tonight. Someone stole my tent and I'm cold."

I told him to pick out any gloves he wanted and I would get them for him on the spot. He couldn't believe it and started telling everyone that passed, "She is an angel, I found an angel." My young son wished him Merry Christmas. My other son helped count the gloves to make sure we had enough for ALL the homeless men.

Thank you for inspiring the life lesson of helping others. Kristie


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