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Friday, August 05, 2011


Relief comes in many forms. 

Ice cream brought delighted smiles of residents at Tent City.

For others, relief is a bit more complicated.  “We’ve been smelling a bit tart,” a shelter worker admitted.  The anti-fungal cream was put into circulation almost immediately.  It’s hard to know who will be happier, those with funky feet, or their near-neighbors.

Relief is sometimes hard to gauge.  

A milkshake at Dick’s near midnight may bring relief for an artist with alternative internal wiring.  Maybe the bartender was relieved that he was leaving with me.

I'm relieved too.  Some of us recover more quickly from uncertainty than others though.  For those with alternative wiring, the political debate of the past month has been horrifying.  Will my check come?  Will I become homeless again?  There was relief, finally.  But we have not recovered.


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