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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Homeless vegetarians

Ralph Waldo Emerson admonished, “You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.”

There are a few homeless vegetarians in Seattle. They look for options when they come through the food line, late at night, at Operation Nightwatch. I admire their ability to maintain their standards, when their life is so difficult anyway.

For most homeless people, getting adequate protein can be a challenge. I can't imagine the nutritional obstacles to homeless vegetarians. Fresh produce and plant proteins are especially difficult to come by, and many food groups don't offer an alternative.

I'm going to have to think about this. I'd love to hear from you on this topic. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

namaste pastor rick,

actually there are cheap and relatively handy veggie choices, like canned beans, bananas, bread, and such like.

vegetarian baked beans are quite tasty eaten straight from their handy can. a cheap hand peeler preps a cumcumber or even carrot if u have the teeth for raw carrot.

rolled oats only need a soaking, actually they are edible right out of their carton. soaked raisins or dates or prunes are awfully good. peanut butter. tomato juice is nice for those who drink more than they eat.

i could go on and on, but hope these little tips have boosted your morale in regarding to the doability vegetarian sidewalk dining.

ztc, vegetarian afoot.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ps~ spinach actually has more protien per calorie than meat. americans worry about protien too much. supposing one were a soup maker for many, how to pile on the good stuff with least expense and trouble? can navy beans, can or frozen spinach, can tomatoes with whatever extras, add heat til bubbly and there you have it. add whatever else u like, but that's the main stuff. then there's black beans and sweet taters. if u got a modest kitchen and a very few utensils you can crank out vegan and vegetarian grub. maybe not the snob stuff but certainly the proud of yourself for eating that, relieved to be eating that, vegan morale boosting spirit lifting easy food and olive oil on warm bread and minced up garlic too if it's christmas.

4:31 PM  

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