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Friday, September 02, 2005

Another Great Quote

Father Kim was out of town so I was on my own last night.

Had several people invoke my clergy privelege last night -- so I can't really share any of the big news from my favorite Queen Anne bar. Needless to say it will affect us all; these sorts of events can cause people to seek personal change and growth -- painful, but ultimately good.

Had a great visit at Third and Bell, although I've got tell you, there was a ton of street drug trafficking going on. All these twitchy people gathering, then suddenly dispersing, and looking at me in a most paranoid fashion.

At Third & Bell saw several regulars, though R#3 was AWOL. I think he should have to call us if he's NOT going to be there. I don't think he drinks, just likes the company. Anyway, D. was thankful I was attempting to assist him. Not sure if there's anything we can do, his name and birth certificate don't match -- his service record etc all with a name he wasn't born with. But I suspect after talking with him -- if he had the identification at some point, he can get it again, assuming he's accurate in his info. We shall see. He's 65 and sleeps outside and believes he shouldn't anymore. The last few times I've seen a little sloppier than I remember in times past, not sure what to make of it other than the usual progression of the disease.

Some guy started chatting me up in the bathroom (hard to describe it as a bathroom, the door is stuck open and the back of your head is clearly visible to the bartender -- in fact when I first went in there last night, she stopped me, turned me around for a hug -- her in the door of the men's room and me inside. HA.

Anyway, a guy followed me in, and started talking over his shoulder (any guy can explain this if you ask them). Anyway, he said something like how important it is to do good, and I tried to shape this thought a little -- because I believe it is biblical that we are "blessed to be a blessing." It wasn't exactly what he meant (probably more like "what goes around comes around" or that misunderstood idea of making good karma for oneself). Anyway we had this little patch of common ground, and I went back out to the bar to my interupted conversation. Suddenly this hand was thrust into mine with some real folding money. I was sort of mid thought and didn't really look at what was handed me, and when I finished my sentence, turned around, and the dude was gone.

The other patrons thought it was pretty cool that he had done that but when I said something about sending the money to help people in New Orleans, they vetoed it. "It's for Nightwatch" so there you go.

Plus another great quote: "My mother was Lutheran and my dad was Roman Catholic. I'm a Little Schizophrenic." -- Rick


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