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Friday, December 23, 2005

streetwalk Dec 5th

Monday night Dec. 5
Made my usual rounds, intending to come in early since I have to be in Portland by 10:00 AM Tuesday. Didn't get to bed til midnight and then did;n sleep well.
No was very quiet. Talk to 2 people I know who work there and the barmaid.
K. was very busy. Lots of people came up to talk. Saw lady whose mother I had helped back in the 7-Seas Hotel days. Always get a bug and thank you from her. Good to talk to Doup at bar.
Whwn I left, many said "Father, we love you!".
Had a cup of soup at 2B and some casual conversation.
Saw F. at NL. and he wants to come to Church on Christmas Sunday, so we will pick him up.
Did get in a little earlier than usual but not much.


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