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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Man Has Identity Restored!

The "Man With No Identity" needs a new blog name, since today, the unbelievable happened.

This saga goes back about 4 months. In my efforts to get MWNI off the street, all these obstacles emerged -- wallet stolen (everything missing). Name on his birth certificate different than the name he used in the military. Almost 30 years since he had a Washington State Driver's License. No way to collect Social Security, despite his being 65 years old.

We got his service record from the military, and with that, just today, got into the Federal Building (without ID -- sorta Catch22); they escorted us upstairs and within 15 minutes we walked out with Official VA ID Card, complete with picture, signature, date of birth. Yee-Haw.

Walking up 2nd Ave. in downtown Seattle, it was surreal. "I am somebody" he said.

"Since we're on a roll, let's go get you a Washington State ID card," I suggested. He resisted. No way. They're never going to give me that, I tried before." C'mon, let us try anyway, see what happens.

Thirty minutes later we had his temporary Washington State ID, the permanent one comes in three weeks. Unreal. MWNI is now the Man With Identity. Thanks to those who prayed: Luther Memorial Men's Group, Mistie, Dan, Gerard, Jim, and others. Thank God. Rick


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