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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Joy

There's a TB outbreak in Seattle.

Not good for homeless people, service providers, health care workers. Besides the annoyance of the skin test, you've got to factor in the added anxiety. They're packed in like sardines in some of these shelters, literally shoulder to shoulder and hacking away -- the guy is 10 inches from your face, droplets of sputum flying. Sorry, but that is reality.

So dear reader, the solution is to raise more money so we can spread things out a little, give a little elbow space -- if we took 25 guys out of there we could have room to roll over without knocking noggins. That must be my goal. 365 nights of shelter @ lets say $150 (being optimistic, allow me please this one indulgence) equals $54,750 divided by 12 is $4,500 a month. That's a pile of dough for a small organization. Anyone care to chip in? Enough of us at $100 a month should do.


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