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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gotta Dance

Never a dull moment.

"Milk Maid" confided to me that she has given her notice at the Dravus Street bar, where she has worked on and off for nearly 30 years. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it.

Dog Boy is happy -- heavy metal concert tomorrow.

Through most of our visit tonight a woman was dancing by herself, watching herself, studying her moves in the mirror. She seemed like an amazingly preserved person, a plastic surgeon's dream. Her physique was impressive, her facial skin taut, beautiful smile. Milk Maid whispered to me that Dancing Lady is a former stripper. She didn't take off any clothes, didn't need to.

Did I tell you she blew me a kiss as I was leaving? Yee haw!

Pastor Dave played some decent pool, a younger Afro-American "kid" and an older guy "Tony?" that knew what he was doing.

Skipped MFQAT tonight -- not enough time.

At Third and Bell things were hopping. Guy on the corner. Crowd out front smoking. Inside I introduced myself to a guy, whose mom "V" I helped with shelter a few weeks ago. She has a place now, living with another Nightwatch client who is working and paying freight. "V" went and got another woman in the bar for me to see -- a really nice lady who was getting out of domestic abuse situation. The two of them stayed on the street together because there were no shelters for women at all.

Imagine -- they were so happy to see me, and I was the one that told them they were going to have to sleep outside for a night. But both of them now are better off, living in their own places (well, sort of). At least they aren't on the street.

At some point during the night I watched the bike police bust the dude on the corner. What do you know? Didn't know that still happened. It's pretty wide open down there, lots of connections happening.

Night ended with a really wasted handsome guy assuring us that he was praying for us.

Back at Nightwatch HQ, a few anxious women waiting for something, anything. Lord, bring us the workers for the women's shelter.

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