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Friday, July 07, 2006

Twelve Step Tango

Dravus Street bar was quiet, but had a great extended conversation with "Frenchy" who is actually Dutch. Things haven't been great for him since his motorcycle crash three years ago; he has a lawyer helping him get onto Social Security. From the looks of things, he should get the dough. He had a wild story about being an alien in possession of a handgun twenty years ago, having to do time for it, then skipping out on probation and living basically underground for so many years. Seems a little over the top for the nature of the crime, if the details are correct (yeah, yeah, yeah, they rarely are -- no one in the joint is guilty).

Got razzed at MFQAT for being AWOL. I've got to be the only minister in the world who calls in to the bartender when I can't be there.

J & I talked about the final 15 pounds, motivation. We've both reached that point of What The Heck with diet and exercise. If you aren't doing it for yourself, then you'll never get there. All the bargaining (improve my love life, see my abs once before I die, etc etc) won't be motive enough if there isn't a change of heart about just about everything. I'm preaching to myself here, but I see things stalling for him and for me; got to work through my 12 step process.

The rest of my visit to MFQAT was a wrestling match between me and Tug Boat Annie -- she was laying all over me telling me stuff I can't post about a patron at another bar that I know; she was getting drunk to celebrate President Bush's birthday (she hates him). J says I enabled her, and on reflection, he's right.

I may pull a surprise visit to MFQAT this weekend, just to see who is there.

Back down to 3rd and Bell, I stood on the sidewalk and talked to the Man With No Identity -- on no particular topic, but it was easily the most pleasant conversation of the night. He asked about "M" my friend who visited last fall and assisted with getting his ID straightened out, which led to his Social Security starting (he's 65) and with that, permanent housing for the first time in 5? years.

Also saw K2 -- looked like he was making a connection. Too bad he's not willing to deal with it, it will eventually kill him. He's smart and funny.

Other "how-de-do" and took the MWNI home. A satisfactory night. God bless us all, we need it. Rick


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