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Friday, August 25, 2006

Cheese Louise

Picked up burgers at Dicks Drive-In on Capitol Hill. Wow what a smell in the car – 125 cheeseburgers.

At Dravus Street bar – Milk Maid still behind the bar. She said “two more weeks.” That was three months ago. She introduced me to the owner, who looked like one of the patrons and was in no condition to drive or anything. There was a Jag in the parking lot I noticed later. Not sure if it was his or not.

Many really good conversations tonight. Milk Maid asked me to pray for her friend Cheryl, undergoing treatment for cancer. Lord, have mercy.

New guy, but evidently a regular “D” was amazed at two ministers in a bar. He questioned our legitimacy (I showed him my card). He then wanted to know my name. Talked a little “I don’t have to go to church – I believe – my family is very religious” and “I’m a drunk” which is the part he didn’t say. They rarely do.

The Scot came in, high as a kite, thrashing around the room, doing an Elvis imitation to Milk Maid’s juke box choices. He is quite impressive, really. Hugged me several times. Took me outside for a smoke (yessss) and told me he’s been doing a bunch of thinking “I sold my soul to the devil” but he also is aware that he talks to God and is aware of some angelic presence with him. Could be a familiar spirit, don’t know. But also told me he is evil. Is thinking about Jesus, because he’s in love with someone he works with – a restaurant in Wallingford neighborhood. She wanted to know if he was religious, wanted to know what he thought of Jesus. How about that. Maybe God is moving. Also talked about his lack of forgiveness.

Lord, in your mercy, hear me. Pour out your Spirit of wisdom and discernment – bring the Scot to yourself in truth, and keep him from the evil one.

Meanwhile, Bible Thumper was interjecting quite rudely, his thoughts on pastors who gamble (Pastor Dave won $5 at pull tabs) and smoke (I was holding a cigarette for the sake of the gospel). Why Bible Thumper is hanging around this seedy bar is a question – pretty sure he was drunk. People were incensed with the guy.

Everyone then disappeared. So weird. Drug connection? Simultaneous bathroom usage.

Off to MFQAT. Red in the bar. Talked to Train Guy, Minor Prophet, Shadow Of Himself, Demo Man. Nothing much, but good times.
Before we got to 3rd and Bell the Nightwatch HQ called. Two damsels in distress and a lot of luggage. So we drove to 14th and Main, picked up the two. I think they must have met on the bus. A youngish woman from Australia and the other from MO. Took them to a shelter at 11:45 p.m. and told them about other options in the neighborhood for the next day. That’s pretty much it, hung around until midnight and skedaddled.


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