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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Everyone needs a blankey

Semi-truck of blankets arrived today. Lots of help (Tim, Jim, Jim, Jan, David, David, David, Michael, Harold, Colby, Ann, Mr. Truck Driver). We had 500 boxes of 6 blankets. Whew.

God things happened:

The block cleared up for parking sorta (still blocked one lane, but no one called the cops on us like last year).

A lady came and moved her car so the truck could make the corner -- astounding jaw dropping timing. A God Thang!

Extra help at the last minute WITH HANDTRUCKS. Another God Thang!

All the boxes we couldn't store got hauled away by four different shelter programs; they took what they could -- as many as they could -- and it worked out to be EXACTLY the number of boxes that were left over. Amazing. yeah.


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