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Friday, July 21, 2006

World War Three is Starting and All Seattle is Worried About is the Sonics Leaving

Dravus Street bar was dead, the Milk Maid is leaving, I'm sad, that's that.

MFQAT was in fine form -- Linen Man, My Favorite Bartender, J (or rather, J's Shadow, since so much of him is now GONE), Train Guy, et. al. Tug Boat was missing, but I needed a break.

Third & Bell -- caught up with The Man With No Identity (see last August for his story). Said How-di-do to several others, gave MWNI a ride home. Also ran into Bruce B. who was drunk but happy to see me, knows we're there for him; tried to point him toward recovery and get him thinking about helping others.

Something MWNI said tonight stayed with me. "It's almost World War 3 and Seattle is worried about the Sonics leaving." Amen.

Back at HQ Father Kim comforted a distraught rambling woman, or tried to figure her story out. I took off (sorry Kim) and dropped Caesar Agustus off at the FASC. I let the worker know he was my buddy, not that it will do any good. But Caesar is more than a little dispondent about his situation. Needs some quality God time too. I feel sorry for the guy, I think he wants to do good, but has so many obstacles he's bound to give up, say "screw it" and use again or do something henious. Hope not. He's too young to give up.


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