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Monday, October 01, 2007


In 12 months we've given away over 3,000 blankets to homeless programs and homeless people. We can currently see the dwindling supply from Church World Service isn't going to get us very far, plus other programs are nudging us about whether we can share or not. (ROOTS, you're the first to know.)

So this morning I called the distribution center in Philadelphia to find out where our order of July 17 might be. They have no record of it, but a very nice perky (think young and south Philly accent) person helped me sort everything else, found our order for 2006 (including a letter of support from the City of Seattle) -- to make a long story short, they can't ship anything until Congress gives the okay for the new fiscal year. The blankets will sit in the warehouse until released by Congress.

So, I say "Go Phillies!"


Anonymous donna.pierce said...

Rick, just because we don't comment doesn't mean we don't read and care. I read your every blog entry and take it to heart. I just rec'd 72 pairs of socks from an Ebay purchase for your sock drive! A mere droplet in the big scheme of things, but I like to think of 72 people putting on clean fresh socks and feeling better even for a minute or so. Meanwhile, what can we do to build more shelter and housing?!??!?!

8:50 PM  
Blogger Pastor Rick said...

Thanks Donna! I have to remind myself too that I need the blog -- for blowing off steam and for helping me remember some the stories that occur, so when I go out speaking I'm not constantly telling the same stuff that happened 14 years ago -- although those were the incidents that changed my life. Often I'll reread the blog before writing the snail-mail newsletter I send out.

Thanks for the socks -- it is huge.

Nightwatch is going to have to raise more money in 2008 just to keep at the same level of shelter. If we had enough people sending $25 a month. . . . wouldn't have to shake the money tree so hard.

2:40 PM  

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