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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Snow in Seattle - 2"?

So, here's the deal: It's the first of the month, there's always excess shelter on the first few days each month. But because of the snow, the City of Seattle (with great fanfare) is opening extra-extra shelter - 20 spots at Compass Center, 50 at Millionair's Club, and 50 at the Downtown Emergency Service Center. I can hardly wait to hear how much it gets used. Meanwhile the Seal's Hotel (122nd & Aurora Ave) is probably full tonight.

Here's your choice: sleeping out in the snow, or moving into an institution where they tell you where to sleep and how late to sleep, all the while wondering if you're gonna get your shoes stolen off your feet in the night.

No wonder the police department gets turned down when they offer people rides to the shelter. That, and a pesky warrant.

Off to St. Louis where it's partly sunny and 50.



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