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Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Devil Plays Hardball" to air July 20, 10:00 pm on CBC

I'm not really a shill for CBC television, but this is show I really want to see -- if I can find someone with cable????

The trailer at Youtube looks great -- see below. Basically, a group of people in Vancouver BC are matched up with homeless people -- to help them get off the street. What follows looks pretty intense, both good and bad.

July 20, 10:00 pm on CBC


Blogger D. Lee Grooms said...

If my TiVo cooperates (sometimes it doesn't), I can send you a DVD copy.

D. Lee Grooms
City + Church Operations,
Grace Seattle

2:36 PM  
Blogger katia said...

the movie's outcomes surprised me a bit (and not) but i really
love the premise. people helping people, one on one. WE NEED TO DO THIS. WE NEED TO EXPAND THIS IDEA. this is how positive change will happen. i am fully convinced.

you must see it, rick, and then we must meet to discuss it, yes?

11:11 AM  
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