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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Three Little Pigs

In case you forget the story:

Once upon there were three little pigs, going out to make their way in the world.

The first little pig was dyslexic and had a hard time finding work. He decided that rather than being homeless, he would build a house under the interstate, using straw. And so he did. He picked up day labor jobs on construction sites. He ruined his clothing about once a week, which made him look and feel pretty lousy. But he was surviving until he could find a friend to split rent with.

But the Department of Transportation workers were busy getting ready for future roadway repairs, and mowed the house down. Thankfully, the first little pig was at the community college working on his GED when his house was mown. When he returned home later that night he was pretty freaked out. “Two steps forward, one step back,” he thought, his teeth chattering as he climbed into a dumpster behind an apartment building for the night.

The second little pig had a brain chemistry issue that left him depressed. He worked part time for a big-box store, in the electrical department. The pay wasn’t that good, and because he was only part time, there was no health care benefit, which might have been useful in treating his depression.

He couldn’t afford a place of his own, so he took pallets that were left here and there around the city, and built himself a small house in the corner of a park, behind some bushes. He showered at a public pool, and picked up his mail at a friend’s house. No one knew he was homeless.

The third little pig got some help from his wealthy parents, who put him through school. This pig made a bundle flipping houses when things were going gangbusters, and ended up in a brick house with a view of the lake.

One day the third little pig was walking through the park near his house. He saw the little house built of pallets, and made a phone call.

The wolf was happy to help. He got the parks department crew to come out and haul away the little pig’s home. It was terribly upsetting to the already depressed pig. The first night he slept at a bus stop, and the next day got some more pallets to build another house in a new location.

Meanwhile, the third little pig and the wolf became great friends, because deep down inside, there is a little pig in all of us.



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