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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Homeless evicted from Seattle park

More good news from the City of Seattle: Homeless evictions.

What's really funny, same week this happened: Mistake sends raw sewage into Ravenna Creek.

The impression is: Homeless people are dirtier than the rest of us. They create more garbage, and their "effluent" is stinkier.

Is anyone paying attention?

I don't think Kinnear Park is a great place to live. I'm fine with cleaning up the parks. Just tell me what I'm supposed to do at Operation Nightwatch.

We served something like 180 homeless men and women last night. Came close to turning people away. The City doesn't want more shelter. They want to preserve the rights of wealthy people to get to the freeway without impediment on Mercer Street. They want to build and maintain a billion dollars worth of stadia (no exaggeration). Meanwhile, McDonald's workers are commuting from Maple Valley. Granite Falls is the new Edmonds.

Just give us some options. Your s--- stinks just as bad as those living in Kinnear, but you've got the luxury of a publicly supported sewer system to haul it away for you.

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