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Friday, November 14, 2008

Rough Times

This is what it must look like, these bad times.

Last night a family with four kids showed up at Operation Nightwatch. Mom, Dad, four towheads. And they had ID and the last names all matched for everyone. Didn't seem like there was any monkey business going on.

They've been in a jam for awhile. Wifey was very quiet. "In and out of hospital," the hubby explained. He was the talker.

We drove to St. James, where their car died in a school bus zone. We managed to push the car into a parking spot where tickets and towing were less likely.

Dad works as a day laborer. But he was limping as he walked around. "Arthritis," he explained.

We gave them three nights in a hotel on Aurora. After that, what?

Anyone want to argue about the value of a bandaid?


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