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Friday, October 09, 2009

My boring life

People make a big deal over Nightwatch and I get a bunch of unwarranted credit for the “exotic,” when actually it is pretty mundane.

Take last night. I met a new catholic deacon at our shelter dispatch point. Volunteers were cooking dinner for our homeless friends. The Dick’s Burger guy arrived. I visited Tent City, bringing twenty-five bucks worth of Oreos (probably the best thing I did all day, had no idea these would be so popular). Successfully found protesters sleeping outside city council person Bruce Harrell’s home, where he was holding forth in dialog with about a dozen of the folks. It was 10:00 pm. From here I stopped at one of my favorite bars, where one patron presented me with a bag of donations: razors, candy, an editorial they liked. Another patron tried to give me cash – which I turned down. I mean, taking a $100 bill in a bar just seems bad form to me.

The Oreos were the high point, along with the bartender paying for my refreshment himself. Wouldn’t even give me change so I could leave a tip.

Back at the ranch at midnight, turns out we had a good night. Everyone was civil and only three guys had no place to go. Out of 179 homeless men and women served, not too shabby.

Yep. Boring.


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