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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ah, Life!

This week, one Nightwatch coworker sat at home, ill. The other is out for a few days following dental surgery.

For my part, my doctor announced Tuesday that there was really nothing to be done for my sore knee. “Get used to it” -- the effect of running too many miles on cement sidewalks, and the vagaries of being 56. Ah, life.

Meanwhile, a homeless buddy of mine described his descent into the 3rd level of healthcare hell. He called the ambulance to haul himself off, so debilitated he was. The ER told him it was pneumonia, gave him a prescription, and let him WALK to the pharmacy and then take the bus back at 11 pm to where he’s camping outside. IT’S INSANE.

He was still huffing and puffing when I saw him the following night. He says he’s much better. It’s our stinking healthcare system that is terminal. If it had been me, waving my Regence card in their face, they would have run tests, given me an oxygen tank, filled the prescription and handed it to me. Maybe keep me overnight.

Anyone for status quo is cracked.


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