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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sometimes it just sucks.

Tonight is a crappy, rainy night in Seattle. In a few minutes I'm going home to crawl into bed with a warm peace-loving red-blooded woman who has loved me for 34 years.
I don't really have to care about the fact that ten or fifteen guys walked out Operation Nightwatch with absolutely no place to go. We fed them, let them sit around for awhile, gave them socks and a wool blanket and ticket for the #7 bus to nowhere.
But I do care. That's what makes this so tough.
In two more weeks the winter shelters are going to shut down. Another 50 guys are going to be dumped outside, and 40 women will be pushed out sometime in April.
The One Night Count was down 5%? Sure doesn't seem like it tonight.


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