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Friday, April 19, 2013

Who are the helpers?

With the tragic news of the Marathon bombing in Boston, came many stories of heroic people who jumped into the chaos to help the injured and dying.

No one was certain what was happening. I'm sure there were many, maybe like me, who would have run away. I want to be brave and carry someone to safety. I don't want to be the person merely saving his own skin. I'd like to think I could be there for the community. How about you?

Of course, these dramatic moments grip the entire country when it happens. And we are grateful for the brave and selfless ones who help us all keep hopeful about humanity.

But there are lots of opportunities to help every day. There are children who need tutors, or mentors, or Big Brothers. There are seniors who need help to stay in their homes. There are hungry people who need a meal, and homeless shelters looking for volunteers. They all are facing difficulty and uncertainty. Just not in the public eye usually.

Reporters aren't going to be telling a gripping tale as the country watches breathless, seeing the images of homeless people being fed a meal at 9:30 at night. But I think of all the 250 or so volunteers who give up their own safety and comfort to help out at Operation Nightwatch, and I feel every bit as glad that they are there for all of us, as a football player carrying a wounded person to get medical attention.

It's all good. Thank you to all the helpers in the world.


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