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Friday, September 23, 2005

Not As Much Fun

I was totally by myself tonight -- and I can tell you it is not as much fun as last week! Every week now I have to drive past my usual stop on the top of Queen Anne hill. It looks like My Favorite Tavern is undergoing a huge face lift. Hope all the regulars are okay. Wonder if they miss me at all on Thursday nights?

Not sure why, but I just didn't have the starch to go hunting for everyone at Interbay or whereever they're hanging out now. (next week next week).

Headed down to 3rd and Bell. Seems like a whole new ball game in Belltown lately, more trafficking than usual, or maybe it's just that I'm having to walk farther from the tavern than I used to, thanks to the night club scene picking up. Belltown is the new Pioneer Square (not so new actually -- I did a public walk in 1995 to draw attention to the drug problems -- enforcement seems a little pointless perhaps. Walking around in a clerical collar sure draws the paranoid stares. In fact, last week these two women about broke their necks looking at me after coming out of the tavern here.)

At 3rd and Bell I spent time with R #3 and The Man with No Identity. R#3 wanted to talk theology -- "Why I'm not a Roman Catholic." Since I knew the Man with No Identity was a cradle Catholic I didn't want to rise to the bait. Besides I had business -- trying to establish the identity for the Man with No Identity. We agreed to get together the next day. (ed. -- I hauled him over to Gethsemane Lutheran where they have a worker Jan who helps with ID. But even she was stumped.) And that was pretty much my night. Rick


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