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Friday, December 23, 2005

streetwalk Dec 19th

Had a great night this week.
Stated slow at NO in Pioneer Square. A good visit with K. and Wiliam but nothing new.
K. was very quiet tonight. D. the bartender was standing outside the door smoking. He said they had sort of clean house recently, some who easily oversubscribe were asked to not come back. Had casual conversation with 4 or 5 poeple that I know.
No soup at 2B but had a long visit with J. with whom I had taled a couple of times before. When I only work a couple ofnights a moth, many times I miss people. Have had some deep spiritual conversation with J. hope to havemore.
5P. was busy as usual, a number of people ouside smoking. met L. V. and a couple of others who were very interested in what OPNW does. Got a great hug for L. and hope to follow up on this contact.
Saw F. at NL as usual. Always good to visit with him. He needs the contact.



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