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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We are all cousins, yes?

So, I was at a family gathering, and one of the distant relatives was so sloppy drunk by noon that he couldn't stand up.

Now usually I might be irritated or frustrated with such behavior, or go out of my way to avoid such a person. But this was my relative, for goodness sake. I was sad, I wanted to do something, to let the person know I care about him and will help him get help, whatever it takes. Let's work together, get this thing figured out. Come on, now.

I asked myself why I'm so interested in getting some help for this person. He's my relative! I can't let him do that to himself -- a pattern of behavior that is leading him to an early grave!

Aren't we all relatives though? Maybe that guy in the shelter needs me too. I should help him as well. He's a cousin, to somebody who cares, maybe.


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