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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Powerful Word

At the last minute Lorri (my wife) and I were pressed into duties at the dispatch center, cooking and serving a meal. It wasn't much, heated up stew, made rice. Had some odds and ends of juice, pop, milk to offer, along with a slew of sweets. Oh yes, and delicious and much coveted Dick's Cheeseburgers.

It can get pretty frantic.

At 9:05 the onslaught began. By 10:00 we were cleaning up -- even got to wash a pot left behind by the group from the night before.

As we were leaving one of the remaining homeless people came to me and quietly said, "Thank you."

It blew me away.

If I haven't said thank you lately, I am so sorry.

Thank you John, Ben, Salvadore, Jeff, and Theo for all the guff you have to take at night. I know you don't really do it for the money.

Thank you Sherry for your care for the tenants.

Thank you Ann for sharing your life, wisdom, prayers, and commitment for this ministry.

Thank you interested readers, donors, family, friends, for loving and supporting us, even with all our wrinkles.

Thank you, Board of Directors, for your confidence in us.

Thank you, God, for making it happen.



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