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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What's it got to do with homeless?

This pic is me in 1979 -- never before seen, sent to me by my old housemate Ken W. I'm sitting on the front porch of "Pardee House" formerly located at 14th and E. Olive St. on Capitol Hill.

This house was owned by Advent Christian Church, and they let young adults live there. All we had to do was pay all the bills and upkeep. It amounted to about $30 a month per person, as I recall.

Without that help, I wouldn't have made it through grad school. The house was sold in the early 1990s to Seattle Housing Resources Group, who tore it down (before it could burn down!) to build low-income transitional housing for families.

Emma Pardee was a single woman who ran a boarding house on the site for many years, starting in the late 30s. She housed people cheap, plus put out a pretty good meal for other people living in neighborhood (people often didn't have a kitchen in their room in those days.) Her "boys" could count on a hearty breakfast, and lunches to go. One of her guys was Fred S. who's future wife Katie was Miss Pardee's helper.

When Pardee (as she was called) became infirm, Fred & Katie moved her in with them. She died and left the run-down house to the church. The people who lived there after that point is pretty long: Loren, Andy, Mary, Kathy, Rick, Lorri, Tim, Ken, Dan, Denise, Quincy, Ralph, Laura, Rachel, Soudamone, Nith, Samphone, Phong Sack, John Mark, Sherwin, Paul, Alan, Sharon, and probably 10 more that aren't coming immediately to mind.

Funny how a picture of me on a front porch can trigger so much.

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Anonymous donna.pierce said...

Rick, has your board decided what to do with the vacant lot? Would you sell it to HRG for low-income housing development or would you do a capital campaign, etc., to build your own building and have Op Nightwatch run it?

7:44 PM  

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