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Friday, January 25, 2008

Everything's different in the light of day

I just reread what I wrote 14 hours ago. Looks pretty cynical.

Staying up all night is a challenge, but WOW do we meet some cool people. Something like 400 volunteers in the middle of the night wanting to do something about homelessness.

All that energy. Too bad it wasn't the happiest result. Homeless numbers are up.

From the press release:

"Over 125 teams, deployed from nine area headquarters, found a total of 2631 people trying to survive without housing or shelter throughout King County. This number is 15% more than the total number of people counted in the same areas last year. This morning’s unsheltered count does not include the estimated 6000 people taking advantage of emergency shelter and transitional housing."

Wah. Guess Nightwatch will be needed a bit longer.




Blogger katia said...

400 volunteers? I just read on the P-I article that there were 925 people counting. And that doesn't even include the people cooking, serving, directing.. etc..
I was floored by the turn-out. Sometimes you feel like you are one of a tiny handful of people who care.
That notion was obliterated last night.
And how great to meet you, Rick!
I'll send you a couple of photos that I made of you when time allows.
Have a good weekend!


3:00 PM  

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