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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Funny story

OK, read below, and you'll figure out why this old story popped in my mind.

Guys come in all the time without any ID, we don't even ask for it because it just makes an artificial hurdle for someone wanting help. ID gets lost and stolen, and I've seen fake ID that someone got for $40 anyway. We aren't the police.

So, we found some new guy a place to go -- he signed in, and was waiting. Dispatch worker is announcing, "Fred Smith, Fred Smith" and no one is moving. "Person going by the name of Fred Smith!" Finally, that gets someone going. We make another announcement:

"Guys, if you gave us a fake name, please remember which fake name you used, it will help us a ton. Thank you."

The rest of the gang had a nice chuckle. Rick


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