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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Homeless Sex Worker

She was so excited. "Katie" had a new job.

Katie and her family had been staying in an apartment that Operation Nightwatch maintained for these kind of situations. It worked pretty well; the family (Mom & Dad, and four kids) were cramped, but at least they had a place. The dad worked really early in the morning for a bagel company -- he had decent enough skills too, pretty facile with the computer. His wife was very large and lively.

"What's the new job?" I asked.

"I probably shouldn't tell you."


"I got a job as a phone sex operator! And I found out I'm really good at it!"

It was hard to know how to respond. On the one hand, it was horrible degrading disgusting work. On the other hand, her family would have enough resources to move on to the next stage -- ultimately moving into their own house.

I looked at her with compassion. "Katie, I know it won't be forever."

"I know, " she said, eyes downcast.

Guys, if you ever want to laugh -- watch those late night TV ads for phone sex services, and picture a 250 pound, 5 foot tall mother of four. It will cure you, fer sher.


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