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Thursday, February 21, 2008

What makes me mad

This week in the mail I got this fabulous coffee table booklet entitled:

Homelessness in King County
Safe Harbors
January -- June 2007
It is 30 pages, heavy paper, four color printing, fabulous art and layout. This work of art was published by the City of Seattle Human Services Department, King County Department of Comunity & Human Services, and United Way of King County.

Now, I could gripe about the Safe Harbors program. They have spent how much money to collect information about homeless people?

I could moan about the stupid waste of time for the people doing the data collection; costs absorbed by agencies, money that could be spent actually helping someone.

But it's the #*^%)# waste of paper! Safe Harbors is about basic information gathering. How much money was wasted with this PR puffery? Who ordered this thing? They need to come down to Operation Nightwatch and stuff newsletters printed at Kinkos and think about the $25 a month some widow sends to pay for basic shelter for a stranger, because she feels bad about the homeless in our community.

Nightwatch is struggling to close a $90,000 gap in our budget for 2008. Less that 5% of our budget comes from government sources.




Blogger aznseattle said...

Hi Pastor Rick,
I want to email you but i couldn't find a direct link, so i'll just leave what i have to say here and i'll try to be short.

I'm so surprised and happy to come accross this blog. I would love to volunteer as a van driver. I used to be a limosine driver in Arizona. Much different clientele.

I was homeless in seattle about 6 years ago. I've stood in that line at Operation Nightwatch. After a few months, found a job with ACRS and no longer homeless. Found a woman and we have a 5 year son. She however is a nightmare but my son is beautiful.

Recently, I'm going through some tough times, was unemployed for almost 6 months. Woman and child couldn't stand being poor while i was unemployed and took off for Utah.
Now, I found a job and just moved into an apt. Truly God was looking out for me.

So, anyway, I'm a 39 year old Asian man. Love to pay back a little and volunteer as a driver for the van. I work at 6 am so 10:30 pm is about the max i can be out. Anyday is fine.

If you can use me. Let me know.
You can reach me at or

I'll reply with my cell number you can reach me.

God bless. Take care

7:09 PM  

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