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Friday, March 21, 2008

A Prayer for Myself 06/24/06

I prayed for peace while
holding the hands of a hooker.
Hot tears ran down her face.
Seven months later she found me
To give thanks and make amends.

I held the hand of an old friend
Cold and weak and gray.
I prayed for mercy, healing, peace.
Two days later he was dead.
Mercy? Perhaps. God knows.

So now I pray for myself.
A prayer for peace.
I shall hold my own hand
Since no one will be here to hold it.
I shall pronounce Benediction
Over my heart,
my mind
my life.

I will remember these others:
The hooker, her life salvaged.
The friend, dead at 57.
Now I ask you God,
Which will it be for me?
Have Mercy, Lord


Blogger katia said...

57? jeez, that's young.
hope you're okay.


4:55 PM  

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