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Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Soap segment.

Ok, here's the scenario. Hubby in the Army, stationed in Germany. His (can I say nubile without being misinterpreted?) wife and child are staying with her mother-in-law. While she's staying at her in-law's house, the woman's brother-in-law grabbed her and tried to kiss her.

Wifey does the only thing she could think of -- complained to her mother-in-law that her other son was getting out of line.

The mother hits the roof, makes her daughter-in-law pack up. She's sitting on the curb with two suitcases, her infant son, and no place to go. She somehow found our number, and gets all hysterical on the phone.

I call a friend, pastor of a Kent area church. He puts her up in a hotel room in Kent for a night or two. I take her down to Fort Lewis. She gets her military ID replaced, the Red Cross finds her husband, orders are placed for her to get shipped to Germany. Done.


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