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Monday, April 14, 2008

Mayor Nickels, dissembler

Hizzoner was on KUOW, (FM 94.9, Seattle).

The top of the list for Steve Scher are the cruel homeless encampment sweeps which the city has been conducting, illegally, for many months now.

It was a fascinating time. At first I thought, "Maybe the Mayor is ill-informed." He talked about the surplus of shelter in our city, the humane treatment homeless people who are getting moved receive.

I decided he was not ill-informed. Our mayor is a dissembler.

Last night we served 180 people at Operation Nightwatch. Many of these people need hospital care; they could barely hobble in. We served 45 women. Sick people with no place to go for the night.

Talking about a 10 year plan for these people is really the Big Lie.




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