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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Disaster preparations

Partly because we need to do this, and partly because someone is giving us $$$ to do this, Operation Nightwatch is developing a disaster plan.

It's kind of weird, because you could argue that we are involved with disaster on a daily basis -- people needing the most basic things -- food, shelter, clean socks, a hat, knit by a little old lady while watching "Days of Our Lives."

But what if we had to take care of the 180 homeless people for three days. I mean, the City of Seattle plans don't really help our weird and unique situation.

We're going to figure out what to do if we can't occupy our building, we're going to start storing drinking water, and probably have to figure out no-cook food items to keep on hand.

I mean, we have to put "do not touch" on the supplies that we set aside for a disaster, because the volunteers will want to serve it as soon as they see it. That's what we do, take care of people living the daily disaster.

So, you want to help -- check out the city resources, and get your own preparations going, so you have the ability to help your neighbors when the Big One hits. God, preserve us.

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