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Thursday, June 26, 2008

If I Won the Lotto

If I won the lottery, I'd still do this job.

Tonight was as pleasant a night as you could ask for -- nice conversations at all stops, some laughs, and one really happy occurance.

Someplace in this blog is the story of Father Kim and I pulling some sad sack homeless person out of the Dravus Street bar because he didn't have a place to go and it was about 20 degrees outside. Must have been three years ago at least. We hauled him down to the shelter.

I remember the conversation. He was feeling pretty low. "I must be the biggest loser you've ever seen." I really felt bad for him. He has construction management skills.

Well, he remembered me -- ran into me at one the stops, and he shook my hand and thanked me for helping him out.

What I remember was -- he forgot his bag at the Dravus bar; was going to have to get it the next day. Last thing he needed was to be in a bar.

Addiction is a horrible thing to live with, untreated. I have to say "J" looked a ton better -- but he's still got his face in a pint of porter at 11 at night. Is it progress?

Wake us all up, God.


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