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Friday, December 19, 2008

Ben & I save a life

I usually can find a picture to accent my little blog ramblings. Nothing would do, today.

Last night, a snowy night in Seattle. Salvation Army informed us that their workers were getting a paid night off, the shelter would be closed. Potentially 40 women's beds lost on one of the most miserable nights of the year.

Luckily, the city of Seattle had authorized the opening of other cold weather shelters, which took pressure off Nightwatch. "Hey, aren't those shelters staffed by Salvation Army?" Oh yeah. Hmmmm. Well.

So, I'm wandering from Nightwatch, trying to take Ben home at the end of the night. By some fluke - the leading of God? -- we drive by the entrance to First Covenant Church. Sitting in the doorway is a handicapped woman, someone who walks under normal circumstances with great difficulty. She had come straight to Tonya's Room, not knowing that it was closed. So, at 10 at night, we load her into the car. It took 10 minutes. We drove to the Seattle Center, where emergency shelter is temporarily located. I looked at the long walk, and realized, "no way."

Sitting in the car, I called DESC. One woman's bed left. We scurried over there and left her in the able hands of their staff.

What would have happened if we hadn't wandered by the church. If Ben hadn't spotted her? If I hadn't been on duty to drive Ben home?


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you are one of my heroes. :)

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