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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Family Saga Continues

Last night I got a call from a dad - family got help a few weeks ago with a hotel voucher.  Their car was broken down. Parking enforcement was starting to close in. The car was tagged.

In some ways I'm glad the parents were not messing with the car. It means their priorities are somewhat straight - they managed to get into a transitional program, get their food stamps straightened out, get the kids into school, which they love. Things are looking up. They should be able to stay where they are for a few months.

So last night I met the dad and managed to figure out a way to push the car with my beater Subaru, about two blocks. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a 2 hour parking spot unless you are a neighborhood resident. And there was no way to push the car any further.

Yeesh. Really, the car's gotta get fixed. Dad says it's a simple repair.

So, today I had the thing towed to my favorite garage. Who's gonna pay?

Let's put it like this: want to chip in? I don't imagine the whole thing will be more than $400, including the tow. I hope. Tomorrow I'm going to put it on my charge card.

If I have to skip lunch for awhile it will be worth it.


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