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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Help a family? Sheesh again.

Wow, do I have a good case of the Christmas grouchies.
Ya know, people, there are homeless people at other times of the year too. Or do you only get the impulse to help now, because it makes you feel good?
At any rate, you gotta ride that horse. So I'm trying to put together Christmas for a family with four kids. I like them. They're nice people. We put them in a hotel room, then they got into transitional housing; they need a Christmas tree. Two girls, ages 6 & 9, two boys, ages 11 & 12. Ideas?
I got to go figure out how to raise an extra $100,000 next year. Shelter is expensive. If enough folks sent me $5 a week, we could do a ton. $260 a year. 400 new friends. Sigh.
Thanks for loving me anyway.


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