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Friday, March 20, 2009

Feeling testy this morning

Well, who wouldn't be testy? It was a horrible night to be homeless last night. Street minister Dustin and I took newly laundered blankets down to Nickelsville, the homeless tent site named in honor of Seattle's mayor. It was a muddy hole, yet nearly every tent was filled.

Then we went to another camp site at St. Mark's Cathedral. People were in better spirits, but still, here's 100 homeless people in the cold and rain.

Back at Nightwatch, it was 11:00 pm and the last few "lucky" homeless guys were getting sent to shelter. Our dispatch center was still full, and not a shelter bed was available city wide. Thirty guys, waiting, waiting.

Then the darndest thing. At 11:30 we called the shelter located at the Millionair Club. Only 60 guys had shown up. We sent another load there, and only 5 guys had to take a blanket.

Apparently 15 - 20 guys came to eat, took a shelter slip, and got a better offer before they vanished into the night. Crisis averted, for now.


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