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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Drinker's Bargain

The booze hound says, "I'm okay, at least I'm not homeless."

The homeless boozer says, "I'm homeless and I drink, get over it. At least I'm not a junkie."

The junkie says, "It's organic. As soon as I get a place, I'll kick it. At least I'm not some old boozer."

It just goes round and round like that. As long as you can see someone else worse off, then you are okay.

I've seen serious alcoholics pulling down six figures. They have no pity for the homeless alcoholic, other than flipping a pan-handler a buck. When they feel like it.

Being self-absorbed and self-serving cuts across income, class, education, political opinion, orientation, and classification. What do you think?


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