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Friday, April 10, 2009

While you slept, I schlepped

Tonight I was God's roadie.

I picked up 125 Dick's cheeseburgers. For those uninitiated, Dick's Drive-Ins is a local chain that started about the same time as McDonalds, only never changed. Real potatoes going through the dicer to become fries, real milk and ice cream for the shakes. For 12 years now, Dick has been providing 125 fresh burgers three times a week. My job tonight: deliver these to the hungry homeless at Nightwatch. Mission accomplished. My stomach growled the whole way. (Thursday nights, 8:30 pm at Broadway Dick's. Volunteers?)

Then I found out our van driver wasn't coming. Which meant I needed to haul the new blankets to our women's shelter, and pick up (gulp) 26 garbage bags of old blankets back to Nightwatch for laundry service.

Some lovely conversations along the way with homeless folks and some of our bar friends. It was a lot of schlepping tonight, but I'm ending with a smile on my face. Thanks for making this possible.

Still looking for drivers to haul homeless women to shelter 8:45 to 11:00 or so. Always an interesting drive in our lovely van.


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